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Lamalisa Tango is an authorised distributor of three magnificent tango shoes brands and producer of tango dresses.

TURQUOISE is global tango shoe brand hand made in Istanbul that offers you superior quality, original look and style. Detail oriented and quality focused team of craftsmen does their best to turn every single pair into a little masterpiece.
Turquoise offers a wide variety of unique designs, with many shoes being one of a kind. To ensure a perfect fit, tango shoes come in narrow models and half sizes, which is not often the case with many other top tango shoe brands.

REGINA TANGO SHOES is a project spawned from the passion for shoes and the long experience of Eva Nataraja as a stylist in Paris, Spain, Germany, Italy and as an argentine tango dancer, devotee and organizer of milongas in Rimini, Riccione, Italy, and Buenos Aires.
At first, Eva created tango shoes for herself and her friends, due to the lack of glamor in those Italian quality porteñe shoes and especially the lack of comfort in tango or traditional dance shoes. Reginas provide enorm stability and comfort during dancing and help you to take your tango to another level.

ALAGALOMI is hand-packaged tango shoe production. Combining technical expertise, creativity, innovation, superior design, and selected high-quality materials, Alagalomi provides a guarantee of maximum comfort.
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Lamalisa Tango Boutique