Mala Junta Berlin

Sa, So 08 + 09 / 06 / 2024
Sa 14:00 - 15:30 & 16:00 - 17:30 & So 14:00 - 16:00
mit Daniela Barría & Matias Iriarte
Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch (und Spanisch)

3 Workshops mit Daniela Barría & Matias Iriarte

Matias Iriarte kommt aus Argentinien zu uns zurück und startet mit im Mala Junta mit zwei seiner Lieblingsthemen. Daniela ist eine argentinische Kollegin von Matias, tanzt in Buenos Aires mit Tangomeister wie Javier Rodriguez und ist erstmalig zu Gast bei uns. 

Daniela is an argentine Tango dancer with 22 years of experience. She learned from the best masters of Buenos Aires and she's well known as a professional dancer and a social dancer as well. She developed her own style influenced by the traditional style that has touched her since she was a teenager. She participated in the World Championship several times, reaching the finals four times and getting 7th place among 600 couples. She considers the connection embrace the most important to achieve in the tango dance. Mehr zu Daniela Barría auf ihrem Facebookprofil hier.

Sa, 08. Juni 2024

14:00 - 15:30 WS 1: Old Milonguero basics & sequences
We will see different dynamics of Tango embrace for better communication and fluidity on the dance floor.
Through exercises we can recognize that movement begins internally to generate greater comfort, both individually and within the couple, and thus be able to move as a unit and enhance our energy.
Based on sequences of old milongueros we will use simple entrances to the dance floor with a change of embrace to apply this flexibility.

16:00 - 17:30 WS 2: Milonga with traspié
Cadencia of the movement
Using our own body weight to move and to communicate/mark.

Wer schon verpartnert ist, kann sich online im Kurskalender anmelden.
Falls ihr noch jemanden sucht, lasst es uns gern unter wissen, vielleicht können wir weiterhelfen.

So, 09. Juni 2024

14:00 - 16:00 WS 3: Technique class - ``From the floor to my embrace´´
Bust your energy and resources to build your tango technique with a grounded base!
At this workshop Daniela invites you to join and train together to have a better understanding of your own body and train your tango skills with consciousness and strength to become a confident dancer.
During two hours we will recognize our axis, our power and relaxation. What does connection mean and how to recognize our power to get into the movement.

Für diesen Workshop könnt ihr euch allein direkt hier im Kurskalender anmelden.



WS jeweils 40 €, erm. 30 €
2 WS = 70 Euro, erm. 60 Euro,

Die Tanztechnik kostet 40 €, erm. 30 €

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