Mala Junta Berlin

Sa+ So / 21 + 22 / 10 / 2023
mit Ornella Simonetto & Leo Di Coco
Unterrichtssprache Englisch/Spanisch

Workshops mit Ornella und Leo

The young couple is one of the shooting stars of the tango scene in Buenos Aires


Mi, 18. Oktober 2023

19:45 - 20:45 open class mit Ornella & Leo 
(20 Euro per person for the evening, all Infos for our wednesday Milonga here)


Sa, 21. Oktober 2023

14:00 - 15:30 WS 1: CHANGES IN SPEED

Tango is a dynamic dance in which each dancer can choose the instrument or melody they wish to interpret. Tango stage takes full advantage of this musical variety to create an intense and exciting show. In this regard, learning to control the speed of the dance, including accelerating, braking, and making strategic pauses, is essential for creating a striking choreography. Additionally, it is also important to know how to dance the "NO movement." With these tools, you can take your tango dance to the next level.


16:00 - 17:30 WS 2: CÓDIGO DE MARCHA
In this seminar, we will thoroughly explore the structure of the ''còdigo de macha'' and ''giro'' for both the leader and follower role. We will delve into marking technique and learn how to create figures based on what we have learned


So, 22. Oktober 2023

12:00 - 13:30 WS 3: VOLCADAS & COLGADAS
In this class, we will explore the technique of off-axis movement in tango and learn how to improvise and create our own volcadas or colgadas with style and safety. Don't miss this opportunity to learn new techniques and take your dance to the next level!


This class is aimed at those who already have experience in tango stage and want to perfect their technique and organize the concepts that generate doubts about the marking and execution of simple jumps in tango. Through specific exercises, we will work on improving the precision and elegance of jumps so that you can confidently incorporate them into your repertoire of movements.


Die Buchung der Workshops kann online hier in unserem Kurskalender vorgenommen werden. Wenn ihr dabei Hilfe braucht, meldet euch bei uns! Bitte meldet euch möglichst dann an, wenn ihr wisst, ob ihr zu zwei seid und wie viele Workshops ihr jeweils macht, um das richtige Produkt zu wählen. Wenn ihr noch allein seid, könnt ihr uns schreiben und wir versuchen zu vermitteln:

Ornella und Leo  geben auch gern Einzelstunden! Bitte wendet euch an Dilara 0173 5301494.


You can book online in our schedule here. Please online book your workshops when you have a partner and when you know how many classes you will attend. Then you can choose the right product. If you need a partner or any other help, let us know:

If you want to book privates with Ornella or Leo, please write Dilara 0173 5301494.


Diese Workshops finden im Rahme des LA VIRUTA Wochenendes, organisiert von TangoRouge vom 19. - 22. Oktober 2023 statt, wo Ornella und Leo am Freitagabend eine Show tanzen werden. Weitere Infos zum Event findet ihr hier.... 

Kleine Kostproben von ihrem letzten Berlinbesuch könnt ihr hier einsehen:
1) Ornella Simonetto and Leo Di Cocco – Bajo el cono azul at Embrace Berlin Tango Festival 2023 - YouTube
2) Ornella Simonetto and Leo Di Cocco – Don Agustín Bardi at Embrace Berlin 2023 - YouTube



WS jeweils 40 €, erm. 30 €, 2 WS = 70 Euro, erm. 60 Euro, ab 3 WS 30 Euro, erm. 25 Euro pro WS.
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